Tips on How to Control Anger

The new-year is here and I’m sure we’ve all made different resolutions, set our goals for the year and how we intend to achieve these goals but one thing most of us forget to add to this list is, how to specifically manage our different habits especially, the bad habits and put them in check.

Without putting our weakest habits in check, we might actually not achieve these set-out goals and achieve them. With my experience dealing with anger, I can actually tell you that nothing can be achieved if we don’t control ourselves when angry.

Here are some Tips on How to Control Anger, these tips will help you manage your anger effectively to enable you achieve all your set out goals.


Tip #1    Count Down

When angry try counting down or up. You can start counting from 100 upwards. By doing this your heart rate will slow down and this will help you calm down.

Tip #2     Try to repeat a Mantra

Any word that helps you calm down will definitely help when you’re angry. Words like ‘it’s going to be alright’ ‘you’ll be ok’ and ‘take it easy’ are good examples. Do repeat these words again and again.

Tip #3 Stop Talking

Just like you’ve heard over and over again ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything’. Try and stop talking by visualizing the stop sign. By doing this you will totally avoid saying words that you will regret afterwards.

Tip #4 Play soft tunes

Let music take away the feelings. Play your favorite soft tunes maybe by using ear buds or going into your room. Music will softly calm you down when angry.

Tip #5 Walk around

Take a walk around your environment as exercise has been proven to reduce stress and will definitely help in calming you down once angry. Anything that gets you relaxed is good for your body and soul.

Tip #6 Talk to someone

By talking to someone you love or trust, they can help give you a new perspective of what’s even getting you angry in the first place. This might actually help to calm you down as sometimes what we get angry about might not really be worth being angry about.

Tip #7 Practice Gratitude

Focus on what’s right when everything feels wrong. Realizing how many good things you have going on in life can actually help you neutralize anger and turn around bad situations

Tip #8 Know When to Seek Help

We all experience anger from time to time as it’s a normal human emotion. However, if you notice that you get very aggressive when angry, you need to find a healthy way to deal with anger.

If you constantly get very aggressive, consider talking to your doctor. A therapist or mental health specialist can help you work through underling factors that may contribute to anger and other emotional problems.


Finally, take control of your body and soul. Anger is an emotion we all need to be in control of as most things we do so say when angry, we most times regret.