The Needs Of A Woman

Women are lovely creatures, infact a woman is a major part of what constitutes beauty on planet earth. Life will indeed be dreary, without our mothers, wives, sisters, nieces, daughters, granddaughters, female friends, and sister in laws. Women vary in terms of degree of beauty, some no doubt, are well-endowed much more than others, and such types are outstandingly beautiful. However, there is one thing which is clear beyond any iota of doubt: there is really no ugly woman in the truest sense of the word. Every woman has in built beauty, and every woman has attracting power. What some ladies actually need is just an upgrade to their clothes, grooming, and accessories in dressing. When that happens, voila she becomes a stunner or head turner. The earthshaking truth then, is that what a lot of ladies need is actually rebranding. Self-esteem plays a crucial role in this regard, for no woman (of whatever clime) can rise above her level of self-esteem. Self-esteem, has been found to be the inner barometer of the inner workings of a person. It determines the inner health status of any individual. All this tells us that people, particularly a woman in this regard, have certain salient needs that must be met if she is to function correctly and achieve her full potential. What then are the 5 critical needs of a woman?

The 5 needs of a woman

There are at least 5 needs of a woman that must be met in a loving committed relationship. These needs are namely:

  • Affection
  • Honesty
  • Financial Support
  • Family Commitment
  • Conversation

1- Affection: It is often said (and it is actually true), that “women give sex for love while men give love for sex”. Probably on the needs scale of a woman, nothing comes close to topping the list as this: Affection. It is the No. 1 most critical, most pressing, most required and most demanded need in the life of a woman. A woman can almost probably do without her other needs being met one way or another (though it would somewhat cripple her relationship-wise), but she cannot do without the need for affection being met. Humans can live for at least 60 days without food, at least 3 days without water, and at least 3 minutes without air. However (and this is true of all women regardless of religious affiliation, race, social status, educational qualification or cultural background), a woman cannot live without affection for any appreciable length of time. She will shrivel up, wither and die (both emotionally and relationally). It is of paramount importance to a woman, that she is shown affection by the object of her love (her significant other or better half). This can be demonstrated in numerous ways by giving her frequent hugs, giving her flowers, holding her hands, giving her massages when she is stressed, calling her often during the day (especially if separated by distance), leaving her surprise love notes and taking her out for (possibly a candlelit) dinner in a love enhancing atmosphere.

2- Honesty: It is not a cliché but the gospel truth to say, honesty is the indeed the best policy in an intimate relationship with a woman. There are very few things (if any at all) that can give a woman emotional security as being truthful. Truthfulness is the key — period. A man must be honest and above board with the woman who occupies the center of his life. This cuts across all areas and none is exempted. Honesty, openness and truthfulness must encompass fidelity in the relationship (which means exclusivity), financial dealings, and sincerity of heart. Simply put, her heart must rest easy knowing you are telling her the truth.

3- Financial Support: There are very few things that can give a woman peace of mind as knowing both her needs and that of her family are met. This is true of women in the developing or so called 3rd world countries especially in the continent of Africa. This is because in such places, there are very few (if any at all) social security programs in place. Poverty alleviation systems are few and far in between. The average black woman on the African continent and in the Nigerian living space, needs the emotional stability in her life which partially and largely comes from financial support and provision.

4- Family Commitment: A woman needs her man 100% committed to her. This involves and is depicted by her man being a good faithful husband, an emotionally stable man, and a physically present father (not an absentee one). This requires, spending large hefty doses of quality time with not just the family, but with her as the love of his life, and the center orbit of his personal intimate space. A woman expects this aspect of family commitment to be lifelong and rock solid.

5- Conversation: Women are talking creatures, it is a well-documented and proven fact (far beyond dispute,) that the average female speaks more words daily and over a period of a lifetime than the average male. Conversation is a vital part of the emotional make up and inner workings of a woman. In other words she cannot but speak.  A woman requires undivided attention from her better half when speaking and even demands it. A wise man would do well to regularly engage his wife in regular conversation. It is an also an inbuilt mechanism designed by God the creator for her to let off steam, off load or get troubling issues off her chest (so to speak). As far as a woman is concerned, conversation is the lifeblood of her relationship with the man in her life. Without proper communication which is as a result of conversation a woman will feel restless and emotionally stunted within. This is because the need to express herself has been denied her which negatively impacts the relationship.

Woman has 5 vital needs: affection, honesty, financial support, family commitment and conversation. Once these needs are met consistently she would blossom like a rose in full bloom.