Program Your Mind For Success (Part 3)

Many people have several definitions for success. Success definitions vary across several climes depending on the perspective from which the concept is viewed. Some individuals define success in terms of power, others money, others still influence, some more as fame, popularity and physical power. However, one simple definition is this: success is the progressive achievement of worthwhile clearly defined, longed for and sought after goals. This tells us something very critical and important to our understanding of success. Success is, can be and should be progressive, which means success is a journey. No matter the heights attained in the quest for success there is something more to achieve. Someone very influential once said “failure is never final and success is never ending”. Success is attractive, it gives charisma, confers upon its owner an aura, and has a magnetizing effect. Success is so powerful that it translates mere mortals from the realms of mediocrity to the lofty heights of excellence. Living successful humans become living legends while still alive and even exert powerful influence even in death upon humanity. In the political space we have icons like Nelson Mandela, in the civil rights struggle we have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in science we have Einstein including a host of other giants who have left their footprints in the sands of time. However, what most people do not know is that it is possible to program your mind for success. The mind is a powerful tool and should be our greatest ally in our quest for success.

Success facts

The very fact that the mind can be programmed for success is in itself a success fact. These are the last set of facts you as an individual must know in other to attain and retain success:

7- The power of association: An important cliché that readily comes to mind is “if you lie down with dogs you rise up with fleas”. In addition to this, it is commonly said “birds of the same feather flock together”. The power of association, is frequently overlooked in the drive and quest for success. It is critically important, for you to associate with or hang around winners and successful people, rather than losers and pessimistic people. Always seek out forward looking people, with a positive mindset, as friends and fellow journey mates. Studies show you tend to become like the people you associate with, so ensure you associate with successful people. Actually the “success virus” tends to rub off on you from the people you associate with. Their “scent or aroma” tends to linger around you for a long time.

8- The power of positive self-talk: You talk to yourself all the time, infact everybody does. The only thing that differentiates people, is the content of their self-talk, is it positive or negative. Positive self-talk leads to successful outcomes while negative self-talk leads to failure. Therefore, talk to yourself positively all the time as often as you can. Tell yourself I can do this, I am the best, I refuse to give up, or I refuse to be discouraged. Completely reject at all times negative self-talk, pessimism and gloom. A continuous inner dialogue that is consistent with goals is essential for programming your mind for success. The famed boxing legend Mohammed Ali was known for being an open advocate of positive self-talk. Severally he was quoted as making statements like “I am the greatest”, interestingly enough he turned out to be just that. It is on record that Ali spoke so much and talked so loudly about himself that he was dubbed “the Louisville Lip”. The essence of the power of self-talk is that it often results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you repeatedly tell yourself, in not just in the confines of your room, but in the confines and inner recesses of your mind tends to come to pass over and over again. This method is an active, practical way of programming your mind for success.

9- The power of positive input: In the field of computing, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Furthermore another computer cliché is garbage in garbage out (GIGO). This tells us that input has a major bearing on the outcome output. Therefore, the power of positive input is a prime requirement per the process of programming your mind for success. Endeavour to read books, articles, stories and magazines about successful people. Attend seminars and trainings by people who have attained the success you crave in your chosen field. Always visualize, fantasize and emotionalize. Mentors tend to exude a kind of charisma that magnetizes the mind. It is important you take in and ingest as much material as you possibly can in the sphere of success you desire. Utilize every available time resource you have to fill and feed you mind with positive input.

These are the 3rd set of success facts namely the power of association, positive self-talk and positive input.