Program Your Mind For Success (Part 1)


Many people have several definitions for success. Success definitions vary across several climes depending on the perspective from which the concept is viewed. Some individuals define success in terms of power, others money, others still influence, some more as fame, popularity and physical power. However, one simple definition is this: success is the progressive achievement of worthwhile clearly defined, longed for and sought after goals. This tells us something very critical and important to our understanding of success. Success is, can be and should be progressive, which means success is a journey. No matter the heights attained in the quest for success there is something more to achieve. Someone very influential once said “failure is never final and success is never ending”. Success is attractive, it gives charisma, confers upon its owner an aura, and has a magnetizing effect. Success is so powerful that it translates mere mortals from the realms of mediocrity to the lofty heights of excellence. Living successful humans become living legends while still alive and even exert powerful influence even in death upon humanity. In the political space we have icons like Nelson Mandela, in the civil rights struggle we have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in science we have Einstein including a host of other giants who have left their footprints in the sands of time. However, what most people do not know is that it is possible to program your mind for success. The mind is a powerful tool and should be our greatest ally in our quest for success.

Success facts

The very fact that the mind can be programmed for success is in itself a success fact. There are certain facts you as an individual must know in other to attain and retain success:

1- The power of the mind:

The power of the mind is phenomenal. What you can achieve with your mental powers when fully focused comes close to the realms of near impossibility. You must harness the innate power of your mind. How? This can be done by improving the quality of your thinking, this in turn will improve the quality of your life. How you use your mind determines the kind and quality of success you will experience.

2- The power of expectation: There is a nexus or a meeting point between success and our expectation. In fact it is not too farfetched to say our expectations eventually become our reality. The truth is whatever you expect with unrelenting intensity (whether positive or negative) becomes your reality. You must wholeheartedly apply your talents, gifts and abilities to opportunities that come your way fully expecting to succeed. It is a case of ask and you shall receive, or rather if you like expect and you shall succeed.

3- The power of your will: All humans have a will, it a composite part of our being. The will is the faculty in a human that vests in the person the power of decision. You can decide, you can choose, because you have a will. To succeed you must decide you want to succeed. Anytime a dichotomy exists between the inner and outer environments of a human being, it results in self-sabotage and ultimately failure. Many millionaires will tell you one day they decided to be wealthy, extremely wealthy. Wealth for them started on the inside before it manifested on the outside.

In conclusion, these are the 1st set of success facts namely the power of the mind, the power of expectation and the power of the will.