Packing Gel HairStyle

Packing Gel Hairstyle has always been a hairstyle I knew growing up as a Kid….

it’s your everyday to-go hairstyle but what I hated the most about it, is that I had to stay hours in the Dryer and that makes it very painful because of the heat from the Dryer. My mum will always make me sit in the dryer as she will say “Ogechukwu Noro ala ka isi gi kpooo” (Ogechukwu, sit down and let your hair dry) as i will always run out after few mins of sitting.

Recently, the Packed Gel hairstyle started trending in Nigeria. Both old and young women started to make it with a different types of extensions attached. I admired it so much that I decided to grow back my hair just to make Packed Gel Hairstyle. It turned out beautiful and I love it.

This week I’m rocking my Packed Gel hairstyle. I recommend this hairstyle any day anytime…..easy to make yet classy and clean. Ladies, try this hairstyle it suits every lady…you can’t go wrong with it.