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Teens do face many difficulties that they’re unable to handle emotionally. This ranges from divorce, abuse and neglect, learning disabilities, to name but a few. Teens most times are powerless to this situation and the effects might follow them to adulthood.

Even kids who grow in a very healthy environment can also get depressed

Most importantly for teens, they can get depressed from a stressful home environment, poverty and violence. Teens can also get depressed if academic success seen difficult. Drug and alcohol abuse can also affect mood and lead to depression while some kids just turn to these substances to medicate their emotions.


1: Feeling deep sadness

2: When a teen frequently have so much difficulty in organizing, concentrating or remembering

3: Drastic changes in appetite or weight loss

4: Difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too much

5: Staying away from family and friends

6: Always having negative views about life and world

7: Showing lack of interest or pleasure in activities that once excited the teen

8: Frequent fatigue

9: Self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts

10: feeling of worthlessness

Do note that some of these symptoms might not always be that your teen is depressed as some teenagers have appetite changes as they grow or just develop certain behavioral changes . Still it is important that you look out for changing behaviors and signs in your teen as that can really help when they’re in need.


Things not to do if you think a teen is at risk of self-hurt

  • Do not judge, argue, threaten or yell
  • Remove all harmful objects that they might use
  • Listen to them
  • Shows love and support
  • Take the teen to see a mental health specialist once you notice these symptoms

Adolescent depression is not always the easiest condition to notice or get over by teens. However, with proper support and treatment your child can get the help he/she needs.

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