How To Love Your Partner Better

When you are in a relationship with someone, you will end up spending a lot of time with the person. Naturally, you love the person, which is why you are in the relationship in the first place.

If you want to keep your affair going strong then you must continually think of ways to love your partner better. Love is like a plant, in fact, it is best to think of love as a plant. If you want your love to thrive, then endeavour to nurture and feed it.

You can easily deepen your relationship bonds on a physical, emotional, mental and psychological level. All it takes is a little effort on your part and some imagination.

The good news is that there are ways to make your partner read your inner emotions physiologically which will make their body respond to you physiologically.

How to love your partner better

The following steps will show you how to love your partner better:

1- Plan quality time: Set up an actual date with your loved one. You should actually schedule time to talk in-depth, make an effort to listen, and actually really listen to your partner.

Make him or her, the focus of your attention and the center of your world. Do joint activity like having drinks together, meaningful discussions, stargazing, as well as playing games. Some offence or the other may have ruffled someone’s feathers in the past. Well now is the best time to fix it, instead of just ignoring the elephant in the room.

Controversial issues do not just go away or disappear; they must be resolved amicably in the best interests of both parties. It is very helpful to realize that you will have your differences.

However, your differences need not divide you. Properly resolved they can unite you and strengthen your bond

.2- Prioritize intimacy: This is critical in loving your partner better. You must both agree to make your sex life a priority. Everybody wants to feel special and wanted to someone. Lovers actually want their partners to do things for them that no one has ever done for them.

Go out of your way to spring a surprise on your significant other especially when he or she is least expecting anything. Cuddle up, snuggle up and let your lover revel in the warmth of your body. Cook something special like his or her favourite meal and turn it into a candle light dinner.

You set the tone for some highly explosive “sexercise” when you tweak your lover’s psychological “hot zones’. How do you do this? It is a process and you must start the process when the day begins, first thing in the morning. Make an extra effort to avoid conflict and be the sweetest version of yourself possible.

Doing this, will ensure your lover is flaming hot and expectant when you retire to bed at night.

3- Practice appreciation: What does it mean to show or practice appreciation? To appreciate someone means to feel or express gratitude to the person. It means to have or hold a favourable opinion of someone. It also means to recognize or like someone’s qualities.

Appreciation is crucial to loving your partner better. When you show your lover, you appreciate him or her by saying the right words and backing them up with the right actions, the person will know he or she means something to you.

It is a fact that very few things can boost the love between you and your partner like appreciation. Therefore, go out of your way to appreciate him or her. Say nice things to your lover, drop love notes in hidden and strategic places like under the pillow, in the bedroom, under her makeup stand and besides his bedside drawer.

In conclusion, these are three important steps you can take which can help you love your partner better. If you can sincerely do these three things, it is a guarantee that your love life will receive a tremendous boost.