In the corporate world few things are as important as impressing your boss or making a good impression on him. This is obvious for several reasons. Your boss is your superior and therefore is higher up on the corporate ladder than you are. What this means in simple terms is that your boss has more positional power in the organization than you his subordinate.

He or she has the power and authority to select you for important projects, or deny as the case may be.  Your boss can also give you positive or negative performance reviews when appraising you.  He or she may recommend you for a promotion, or deny you depending on the kind of relationship that exists between both of you.

Therefore, common sense dictates that if you want to rise through the ranks, move up the corporate ladder and fast track your career, it is in your best interest to ensure you have a cordial working relationship with your boss. It is important for you to note that impressing your boss is not the same thing as eye service which is repugnant.

Neither does it mean groveling which might irritate your boss. Impressing your boss does not also amount to frustrating or selling out your fellow coworkers in a bid to curry favour with your superior. Impressing your boss is doing your job in the most professional way possible while being pleasant and cordial to all which is simply putting your best foot forward.


How to impress your boss

What then can you do to impress your boss or how can you impress your boss? Here are (at least) 4 ways to impress your boss:

1- Be an expert in your field: Strive and do whatever it takes to be an expert in your field. Experts are sought the world over, so ensure you go out of your way to master your area of specialization. In a world where there are hundreds and possibly thousands of people with your qualifications, skillset and experience, one way of setting yourself apart is to be a proven subject matter expert. Read the news, journals and be abreast of all recent developments in your field. Keep researching and see ways in which knowledge you acquire can help move your company forward.

2- Work overtime:  Always offer or volunteer to work beyond official work hours whenever it is reasonably possible. Ensure you put in the necessary (over) time to not just get the job done right but in such a way that you add a touch of excellence. Your boss will definitely be impressed when he or she observes that you are willing to work extra hard to do the best work possible.

3- Be courteous and professional: It is of vital importance to you that you create an image of professionalism at all times. Take your jobs and meetings seriously, prepare in advance as much as possible, it will always pay off. Strive to complete tasks allocated to you within the deadlines given. Furthermore, show up early to work and never speak rudely to either coworkers or clients. Dress appropriately for meetings or outings where you represent the company.

4- Create an aura of cordiality: Studies by experts in the relevant fields show that a pleasant or cordial office working environment boosts productivity. It is important to try to get along with coworkers so as to ensure maximum cooperation from them and full collaboration which is essential to success. Offer a helping hand to others whenever it is needed, put personal differences aside and prioritize company work. Avoid petty office gossips, keep away from office scandals and avoid unnecessary heated arguments as much as possible. You must be able to get along well with other people to be a truly effective leader.


In conclusion, these are 4 ways on how to impress your boss. In the workplace job proficiency is key and can never be overemphasized, however impressing your boss will take you much further in your career.