Family Guide: Fun Things to Do At Home During this COVID-19 Pandemic

Three generation family family sitting on the sofa in living room, watching TV and eating popcorn, selective focus

Raise your hands (and I mean literally raise your hands) if you are like me that comes home from work so exhausted, barely managing to muster the strength to shower and give the kids 10 minutes of my time, yet feeling guilty and promising to give them more time tomorrow even though I know tomorrow would be the same.

Raise your hands if you are like me that look at my room and say to myself ‘this should be here not there; this other item should be right beside this’ but never actually lifting a pin so as to save your energy for work the next day.

Raise your hands if you are like me that bought the new ‘Stephen King’ or ‘Dean koontz’ novels because growing up we used to read novels/books a lot and we feel we need to continue in that trend but adult hood never gives us that time.

The list goes on and on and on. We have been so entangled keeping up with the fast pace of global advancement that we rarely have time to do those simple tins that we long to do. We are so caught up with it that even now that nature has given us time off, we are scared to take it.

Yes, I am you. I looked towards this isolation with dread, what am I going to do at home? I asked myself, I would go crazy, I convinced myself. With that thought in mind I decided to gear up and prepare for the isolation journey ahead. I wrote a list of activities I would engage in


  • Have fun with the family: Nature has given us that time to enjoy the company of our family, a company most of us procrastinated to enjoy, so why not make the most of it. While shopping for food and other groceries, I loaded my cart with family fun games, such as Monopoly, Ludo and card games. I pushed it a little further by getting other fun things like ‘foosball and air hockey’. This can also be gotten from a thrift store to save a little on cash.

  • Try out my culinary skills: I had saved several culinary videos from YouTube and Instagram, not knowing when I would be free enough to try them out. Well guess what the time is now with free guinea pigs (my family). The best part of this is everyone is free so they would gladly help and make it even more fun.
  • Read that Dean Koontz novel that has been sitting on my dresser for the past 2 years and if time permits include the Stephen king’s “IT” just beside it
  • Learn a course: I had been meaning to learn excel for so long, finally I have the time.
  • Spend time academically with the kids: some of us do this already but most rely on lesson teachers and schoolteachers. In some cases, we don’t even know our kid’s educational capabilities and rely on report cards to tell us. Well now I have the opportunity to find out. So, I intend to spend time finding out what my kids know, what subjects they are lacking behind, and help improve on each. Spending 1 hour each day teaching them.
  • Plan romantic trips to the bathtub or the bedroom: and I mean real romantic, candle lights bubble baths aromatherapy massages, romantic dinner with a bottle of Champagne on the balcony
  • And finally, to round it up with a costume family party to make our stay even more memorable.

As a side note: I included some immune boosters in my shopping cart. We tend to eliminate veggies and fruits which is necessary for building our immune systems.

This is just my list am sure if we open our minds, we could add a hundred things to the list. You could include giving your house a complete rub and shine. Am not that into core housework so it’s not in mine.

 Also for those that have to work from home, I would suggest the following in your list:

  • Set your alarm to wake at the time you usually wake in the morning.
  • Spend some time reading or meditating while still in bed (time usually spent to commute to work).
  • Shower and prepare for the day (not showering keeps you too lazy and relaxed).
  • Talk to other colleagues on planned virtual coffee breaks (this would eliminate boredom and the feel of isolation).
  • Separate your office space from your home space (helps you to be coordinated and focused; remember you are not on leave, so you need to discipline yourself).
  • Take breaks to kiss your spouse and hug your kids as well as lunch breaks.

Hope this helps you to stay home and safe at this point.