How To Resolve Conflicts As Couples

Couples in relationships frequently experience conflicts. This happens for a number of reasons such as ego, anger, misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Conflicts must be discussed, negotiations made and both parties must find a way to move forward in their relationship. If conflicts fester, it can either give rise to permanent scars in the relationship or even destroy it.

Conflict resolution is very important in a relationship because it helps to keep a relationship healthy and makes it grow from a lower level to a higher level. There is actually no limit to how far you can go and grow in your love affair with your better half.

Conflict resolution strategies

The following are conflict resolution strategies that can help couples:

Communication: Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Just as the human body begins to die when blood is lost, relationships begin to die when communication is lost. In any long-term relationship, the probability of conflict and tension rises due to several factors. Therefore, it is important to communicate the right way and communicate often.

You must try as much as possible to avoid arguing, instead live one day at a time and handle issues as they arise. It is advisable to set up “me” times for each other. Carve out time to have quality conversations and interactions with your partner.

This serves as a coping mechanism and stress reliever. Listen attentively and do not interrupt or judge him or her when they speak. When you do this for your partner, you are providing him or her with the much-needed support.

Negotiate your space: It is very important and helpful if you discuss with your partner some sort of daily structure or routine that both of you find comfortable. Discuss openly what works and is convenient for both parties. It is always better if this is clearly defined and explicit.

You should jointly decide on the best ways forward, and take into account the fact that each of you will have personal needs.

Set social media boundaries: There is no doubt that social media is important. It helps both you and your partner connect to the outside world and keep abreast of events. However, you must be careful not to get so caught up with social media that you ignore the person you love the most. Therefore, you must set boundaries for social media use within your home.

Strike a balance between time for social media and time exclusively set apart for your loved one or partner.If you feel ignored by your significant other, try to have a conversation about how you feel.

It is very possible that he or she will not realize what you may be going through.

Establish deal-breakers: If you want to keep your relationship healthy try to make a list of four critical points that are very important to your personal comfort. It helps if both of you can accept and adhere to these boundaries. You can call them relationship deal-breakers. Part of the boundaries you set could include behaviour that one partner may see as fun but the other may find irritating.

Who gets to do the house chores, take out the trash, clean the house, personal hygiene and even intimacy are possible pressure points.These areas not carefully managed could lead to explosive reactions.

Realign your mindset: Current world events, which are trending has changed everyone, everything, and everywhere. People find there is a paradigm shift from a thriving experience to a surviving experience overnight.Consequently, this requires some time for readjustment or realignment by both partners in a relationship.

This difference in mindset can create unnecessary tension in a relationship and demands that both people involved must focus on psychological survival. Human beings require a different mindset and skill to survive unlike what they need to thrive.

These include greater flexibility, a sense of focus on key issues, peace of mind and a sense of urgency.

You must also build into your relationship a lifestyle of forgiveness.


These conflict resolution strategies may just be the tonic most relationships need to survive rather than breakdown. Strategies like these also help to keep your mind occupied, and can rekindle the fire of love required to keep you going the extra mile.