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Black Outfit

After months of lock-down without going out, less gatherings, no sit-out with friends or parties, a friend sent me an invite for a launch opening strictly for close family and friends. 

I was confused of what exactly to wear for this launch considering its been months of no makeup or partying. I searched for what to wear countless times, the outfits I kept trying on, is either too tight as I’ve been going in and out of the refrigerator hahahahha during the lock-down or its too dressy for the event I wanted to attend.

Then boom…..something just said  ‘try on a simple black pants and top” ……that was the best decision I made. It fitted so perfectly and i didn’t have to worry about what to match it up with. More still, it was able to cover up all the fats that I was worried about. 

The party was so much fun and I confidently wore my black outfit flawlessly, 

Having some difficulties in picking what to wear for a party? Try out a black simple outfit, trust me you won’t be caught unfresh(my Nigerian Slangs)

Go Girl Try On That Black Outfit and Rock it Flawlessly 

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