8 Relationship Topics You Must Talk About Before It’s Too Late

Most Relationships fail due to lack of proper communication. When you start holding back what’s on your mind while in a relationship or fight all the time about one thing or the other, all you actually need to do is to sit down and have a proper discussion.

The first step to improving and developing a strong relationship is taking initiative and discussing important topics when needed.

These 8 topics are things you must talk about before it’s too late


#1 Intimacy

Intimacy is a very important topic that every couple must and should talk about.  Couples need to discuss this even though it makes some people shy or sensitive, but it is very important that you discuss this on daily basis. Sexual intimacy tends to fade away as years go by in relationships,when couples tend to discuss this, they will have a more exciting sex life. Make sure to be truthful when discussing this and that will enable your partner know how best to sexually satisfy you.

#2 Finances/ spending Habits

Couples should be on the same page when it comes to finances. You should be able to discuss what money comes in and what money goes out, both partners must be able to discuss about what they both want to spend on collectively without anyone feeling left out. Couples fight about money at some point in their relationships but having a budget helps to curtail these fights in relationships.

#3 Trust

A lot of couples don’t discuss this until it’s too late. Rather than wait till trust is completely broken you should sit with your partner and talk about it. As this will help address insecurities and lots more.


#4 fighting styles

As a partner you should be able to know how your partner reacts when angry. You should be able to also know what and what not say when your partner is angry or when arguing. By knowing this you will not personalize their reactions.

Every relationship has its bumpy times but how you react to those bumpy times can either save or break your relationship.


#5 Goals

When walking into a relationship you should know your partners long and short term goals. Do they have a good career? Do they want to get married in the future? Do they want to have kids?

In summary you should be able to know all these about your partner so, you both can work together to help each other achieve your different goals and also know if it’s what you want from a partner.

#6 Relationships Boundaries

To know the boundaries start by asking your partner this question. “Are there things I might do that will make you want to end this relationship” This is not an easy question to ask but its better asked so you know what might make your partner feel disrespected, unsafe or disinterested. Its better you know the boundaries not to cross, as most times in relationships we tend not to know until the lines have already been crossed.

#7 Alone Time

We as humans most times believe that when we are in a relationship, we should spend time and be with our partners always. This is very unhealthy as we tend to develop too much dependency on our partners. It is very healthy to have your ‘ME’ time. Have your own interests and cultivate in developing them. This you can discuss with your partner so she/he knows how much ‘alone time ‘You need to achieve that.

#8 Work-Life Balance

A lot of people want to have successful career and YES you can have a healthy relationship and a good career. Be able to balance both by letting your partner know when you will be working late nights or long hours. Be able to take care of your partner too while trying to pursue these successful career in that way your partner will not feel left out or dragged along.