5 Ways You Can Betray A Partner (Other Than Infidelity)

Relationships and Marriages are hard. There are lots of things that one can do that will obviously break a relationship especially physical cheating on your partner. Physical cheating is the most discussed reason while most relationships break or maybe radical values from ones partner.

Cheating is what most people talk about which I totally agree that it is horrible, as once that is done the trust is broken and likely irreparable, the emotional betrayal of it. But cheating is only one of many behaviors that are a betrayal to your relationship and the commitment you made to your partner.

Here are the 5 ways you can betray your partner other than physical cheating which can be damaging, if not more than infidelity.

  1. Taking your partner for granted.

When you’ve been with one person for a long time after a while you tend to forget that he/she is a different individual. You then start seeing the person as just part of the family.

You stop appreciating the person’s efforts in getting things done for us. You stop saying ‘THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, PLEASE, I’M GRATEFUL” and lots more. What happens is that as time goes your partner begins to feel unappreciated and then resentment kicks in, once this happens you might be left with just a roommate.

Learn to make out time to appreciate your partner’s efforts and always remind yourself why you love your partner. Learn to say ‘I love you and Please.


  1. Talking and complaining about your partner to someone you’re attracted to.

Talking about your frustrations in your relationship to a family member or to a close friend is one thing but talking about your frustrations to someone you’re attracted to or have a crush on is something one should not do.

Most often it might not be cheating per se but by doing so you might most likely get into intense relationship with the person which will lead to physical cheating.

If you want to vent your frustrations do so through the right channel not to the person you have a crush on.

  1. Disclosing private information about your partner without their consent.

Giving out private information about your partner to other people without his/her consent is an act of betrayal. It is not in your position to share any personal information about your partner be it about health, career or any other aspect of their lives. Your partner will do so once he or she is ready.

For example, your partner losing his job or having some ailment he or she is fighting and then you go to share this with family and friends or on social media.

Allow your partner be the one to share their personal or private information unless you are sharing it with their consent.

  1. Not standing up for your partner.

You and your partner should be team. If anyone mocks or makes fun of or denigrates your teammate, you should stand up for them.

No matter who does that be it your friends, your mother, father, siblings or coworkers. The moment you marry someone that person becomes your closest family. If your father or mother calls your spouse names or makes degrading fun of them, you should stand up for them.

You should stand up for your partner, be a united front against the rest of the world. The moment you don’t stand up for your partner it is an act of relationship betrayal.


  1. Criticizing or disrespecting your partner in front of others.

Not feeling safe around your partner, with the fear of him/she saying something disrespectful or inappropriate in front of friends and family can affect the trust in a relationship.

It’s bad enough to ridicule your partner behind them but it’s even much worse doing it in front of others. This can be either criticizing their dressing in front of others or saying hurtful things to them in the presence of friends and family.

Whatever criticism you have about your partner should be said privately

not in the public and even while doing so privately, do remember he/she is an individual by being humane when doing so.