5 Needs Of A Man

All hail the men in the building! What would we do without them? The menfolk are an integral part of the human race stationed by God on planet earth. The glory of a man is found in his physical strength, for which he has been naturally endowed by God. It is beyond dispute, that the average man in the overwhelming number of cases, the world over, is superior in terms of physical power to his female counterpart.

This is why women are called the weaker vessel or the weaker sex. If women can be referred to as the weaker vessel, then men can be safely called the stronger vessel or the stronger sex. Men defend the women and children from danger, threats and harm. Infact men are sent to fight, get maimed and die in wars, battles and conflicts all over the globe on a daily basis. In addition to this most of the hazardous, risky, dangerous and lethal jobs, professions, occupations and assignments automatically fall to the menfolk. This includes (but is not limited to) deep sea diving, serving in the military or armed forces, hunting, climbing deadly heights in mountainous terrain (like Mount Everest) , deep off shore oil drilling, outer space exploration, test pilots/drivers for newly designed and built aircraft, land craft, sea craft, spacecraft and many other forms of transportation. Men have also contributed enormously, to the development of this world and civilization in every field of study, knowledge and human endeavour. This includes science, physics, biology, arts, humanities, sports and learning.

A vast majority of world renowned famous scientists, both living and deceased, who have impacted humanity, and left their footprints on the sands of time are overwhelming found to be men. There is no doubt that men are vital to the survival and existence of the human race. Furthermore, the influence and mentorship exerted by men impacts millions of lives on a global scale. However, for a man to reach his full potential he has certain innate needs that must be met to prevent him from being dysfunctional and which would facilitate him operating at the optimum level, thus extending his impact for good to the nth degree. This begs the question: What are the needs of a man? It is only what can be identified, that can be addressed consequently this question is of vital importance and demands an answer.

The 5 needs of a man

A man has at least 5 needs that must be met in a properly structured healthy relationship. These needs are namely:

  • Sexual Fulfillment
  • Admiration
  • Recreational Companionship
  • An Attractive Spouse
  • Domestic Support

1- Sexual Fulfilment: Aha! This is the genie in the bottle: Sexual Fulfilment. Far and away, this is by every measurable standard the No. 1 most critical need of a man: not just sex but sexual fulfilment. Women find it difficult to appreciate, let alone understand, the intricacies of a man’s sex drive, the strength of his arousal, and the compelling need to express himself, as well as provide an outlet channel for this enormous amount of physical and emotional energy. Consequently, women in general, and the woman in the life of a man, whose intimate partner she is, often fail to discern the power they tend to hold over a man, and the consequences (both negative or positive), that trail the proper or improper handling of this core element of a man. Physiologically and biologically, the man’s body generates millions of sperms resident in the male seminal fluid or semen. These sperms cells travel via the ducts and reside in the testicles of the man. The man’s body continues to build up seminal fluid, which increases in volume, and over time this fluid buildup exerts pressure which results in an increased libido on the part of the man or the urge for sex. Consequently, the man is either in an already aroused state, a pre-aroused state or is in a state of perpetual readiness for sex. When the woman in his life denies the man sex, it devastates him, triggers feelings of being unwanted, inadequacy, anger, irritability and his self-esteem suffers a major blow. This is what sometimes pushes some men with weak self-control to engage in illicit affairs, patronize prostitutes or engage in self-stimulation (masturbation) all in a bid to relieve the pressure and gain pleasure. On the flip side, when a man is regularly and lovingly “serviced” or indulged by his woman, his self-esteem will soar, he will exhibit a  pleasant attitude, will feel deeply loved by the woman in his life, and will even be found to manifest (from research studies) elevated productivity levels. Clearly the power of sexual fulfillment cannot be overemphasized. Wise wives ensure their husbands’ love tanks as regularly and steadily filled. It results in a much better man.

2- Admiration: Every normal man desires admiration. Infact as far as a man is concerned this is equated to respect. Only about 1% of women know, understand and exploit the power that respect for their man brings. A man craves respect, so much so that disrespecting him is tantamount to not loving him as far as he is concerned. A secret worth well over a million dollars, and which is unquantifiable (unknown to most women), is this: respect a man and everything thing you want will be granted on a platter of gold, disrespect him (to your own peril) and nothing else matters, regardless of whatever you do, and no matter how much you may sacrifice for him. You can take that to the bank. Respect = Love (for a man).

3- Recreational Companionship: A man gets into a relationship (primarily among other things), not just because he wants to “mate” but because he wants a mate in every ramification of the word. A man wants a bed mate, a conversation mate, an intellectual mate and a play mate, hence the need for recreational companionship. A man wants a woman to want what he wants, he needs for her to express and genuinely go out of her way to show interest in what interests him. This means he wants her to share and explore with him the joys of football (soccer), his favourite clubs, his love for adventure, his hobbies (like outdoor hiking, jogging etc), and working out at the gym, to name but a few. If a woman or a wife is totally disinterested in the things that interest him, whether he says it or not he will be hurt emotionally. This is the No. 1 reason why a lot of men prefer to hang out with the boys (his friends) to the detriment of the relationship. A lady must understand that getting intimately involved with a man, means you must make a lot of effort to integrate yourself into his world, and his life by developing keen interest in at least some of his avid interests.

4- An Attractive Spouse: This is where many women fail, miss it and lose out completely. The fact that you married a man, and later bore him children gives you no license (in any way for that matter), to let yourself go to dregs (so to speak). A woman must ensure she keeps in good shape, and strives to maintain the good looks that attracted the man in the first place. One fact women must never forget is that men are visual beings unlike women. A man is moved primarily by what he sees. There is no normal functioning man in the entire world, who does not appreciate beauty in all its ramifications and especially in his wife or loved one. He wants her to (and infact demands that she must), continue to look beautiful and attractive to behold. No man is impressed by a drab, disheveled looking woman particularly his wife.

5- Domestic Support: The plain and unvarnished truth is that a man needs a woman in his life to take care of him. Regardless of how well a man is trained or “domesticated”, he still requires the feminine touch that only a woman can bring into his life and his home. The man does not need the home to be a “warfront” where he is constantly attacked, nagged, criticized and belittled. He needs rather, a loving peaceful atmosphere where he is loved, cared for and accepted unconditionally. In other words, a man needs a place of refuge at home that only a loving wife can provide. He needs her to take charge of the domestic department, keep the home front in order and make it constant inviting. When a woman does this, the man will not be distracted by domestic issues, and will be able to concentrate his energies on carving out a niche for himself in the world. Consequently, his success in this regard becomes a win-win for both parties

In conclusion, these are the 5 key needs of a man: sexual fulfillment, admiration, recreational companionship, an attractive spouse and domestic support. When all these needs are adequately met in a man’s life, he will tend to succeed and live a fulfilled life.