10 Success Attributes


10 Success attributes



Everybody wants to be successful because success is sweet. Few things on planet earth, can give the kind of psychological boost or deep seated satisfaction that comes from fulfilling a lifelong dream. When you are successful you are extra good at what you do. Success in whatever field of endeavor also brings respect, validation, honour, fame, prosperity and makes one highly revered. We all know individuals, who have made their mark in life, by having maximum positive impact on humanity as a whole. We are talking about people whose achievements are not just limited to their national sphere, but transcend all such boundaries to assume a global scope. An individual like Bill Gates, has been able to build and sustain a persona over decades that has earned him a reputation as a living legend. Virtually everywhere in the world, a vast majority of computers run on Microsoft (the company founded by Bill Gates) software, a case in point is the Windows operating system. Apart from that, the Microsoft Office suite comprises of software, used daily by hundreds of millions of people if not billions, which makes it ubiquitous. It is hard to imagine anyone exists on earth, who is computer literate that does not know and make use of packages like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Publisher and a host of similar software. It is no wonder then that Bill Gates has held the title of the world’s richest man, over and over again, in Forbes’ listing of the wealthiest people in the world. Today Bill Gates travels around the world, using the platform of a foundation he set up to sponsor research into finding drugs to combat killer diseases, he also makes funds available as aid to charities, NGOs, and government institutions. There is no doubt he has recorded immense success, because he is held in so high reverence, so much so that even Presidents of nations and Kings of monarchies accord him private audience.

10 Success attributes

Research and experimental studies, reveal that all successful individuals seem to have one or more specific attributes, traits or qualities in common. What then are these success attributes? The following listing, shows 10 of such qualities gleaned from painstaking research, carried out by competent authorities via interviews conducted with “success merchants” and by observation of their life patterns and habits:

1- Laser-like focus: Focus is key to success, and I say laser-like or single-minded focus will undoubtedly lead to success on a massive scale. Researchers have discovered that focus is actually one of the hidden drivers of excellence. Whatever you focus on you do better. It is more a case of evolving from good to better to the best. To attain and sustain success, you must have strong unerring focus on whatever it is you want to do to achieve success.

2- Strength factor: What is meant by the word strength factor? Every human being has been endowed by God with certain talents, gifts and special abilities. This is the strength factor, it is the areas or fields where you perform extraordinary well. In addition to that, you derive inner joy and satisfaction from doing whatever task it is you are doing. Studies show humans perform better in areas they are naturally endowed for. The key then is to discover, identify and plan your life around doing whatever work, job or hobby you are engaged in that dovetails with your strength factor.

3- Burning desire: Does your dream keep you awake at night? Do you constantly fantasize of what you will do once your dream is achieved? Is your dream something you are very passionate about? If the answers to all these questions are yes then you are well on your road to success. To become successful in whatever field you choose, or in whatever endeavor you embark on you must have an all-consuming desire.

4- Relentless determination: To arrive at the destination of success, inevitably you must travel the road of determination. Why? It is because on the journey you will undoubtedly meet with obstacles and barriers. Your attitude to these obstacles, and how you react to and handle them will determine your success. Setbacks must be seen as temporary diversions which must be overcome. You must refuse to give up, back off or back down in the face of overwhelming odds.

5- Iron clad belief: Nobody ever succeeded who did not believe in themselves, their ability, their dream, their goals, their goods, their products and services. Your belief must be unwavering. You must believe that you will succeed eventually, if only you hold on long enough. However, when it comes to belief in yourself and the environment around you, a balanced perspective is required. You must take into account not just your strong points, but also your weaknesses and deficits. In addition to this, it is wise to keep in mind the fact that certain environments do not favour success.

6- Lifelong curiosity: In the modern world we live in today, our daily lives are impacted by a host of electrical and electronic gadgets. Imagine what life would be like in the 21st century without our smart phones, television, video, cars, trains, planes and ships. Chaos would ensue. Autopilots fly planes thereby relieving the pilot. Automatic cars drive themselves. Electric trains move at super speed, conducting commuters from one place to another. However, what we must bear in mind, is that all these inventions that have made human life easier and more enjoyable, were borne out of somebody’s curiosity. You must continue to learn for the rest of your life. This will help to keep your perspective fresh, which in turn will lead to greater productivity. This is why the Microsoft Windows operating system, has evolved over the years spawning several flavors and versions, notably Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win Millennium, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and now Win 10. The world and its’ needs are constantly changing, you must learn to change along with it to avoid becoming irrelevant.

7- Disruptive thinking:  What is disruptive thinking? Simply put, it is thinking outside the box, seeing opportunities where none exists, and converting seeming adversities into possibilities. A lot of fantastic innovations were developed as a result of failure, learning from failure and moving forward to eventual success. A case in point is the light bulb, the inventor Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb. It had never been done before, that is disruptive thinking.

8- Opportunity Maximization: Highly successful people maximize opportunities. An opportunity may be a conducive environment like a home or office, a mentor to guide, a supportive spouse, an angel investor to fund, and government legislation that favours your line of business. It could also be a critical need for someone with your particular skillset, or a massive demand for your products, goods and services. A nexus exists between opportunity and preparation. As it is commonly said when opportunity meets preparation, success in inevitable.

9- Balanced optimism: Optimism is key to success, because pessimism results in self-sabotage. But what exactly is optimism? Optimism is the can do spirit, it is having a positive outlook as to the successful end of a project or undertaking. However, it has been discovered by researchers that highly successful individuals have at least this one attribute common to them all. This is a balanced perspective on issues. They realize all may not work according to plan, losses may be incurred (both human and material) and hard earned money may be lost. Thus they plan for every eventuality as much as is humanly possible. This explains why success merchants bounce back after setbacks, they simply switch to plan B, C or even D when plan A fails.

10- Lifestyle generosity: Have you ever wondered if some form of relation exists between generosity as a lifestyle and massive success? Indeed a nexus does exist between the two. A law of nature put in place by Almighty God, ensures everyone eventually reaps what they sow whether good or bad. It may be in the now, or it may be in the hereafter, but the law of sowing and reaping is real and constant. As it is commonly said givers never lack, in some strange way we may not fully understand massive wealth keeps coming back to givers and philanthropists.  This is a key success attribute, and may well prove to be the most important because wealth must not only be created, it must be sustained by growth. Highly successful people take care of people around them, they give again and again. No wonder then they keep succeeding.


In conclusion, these are 10 success attributes common to all high flyers, irrespective of religious creed, gender, profession, nationality and race. It applies to all humanity globally.